The Poshcast: Cocktails, Carnivals & Cotton Candy

This week's PoshCast was inspired by THE OZARK EMPIRE FAIR! We had a blast at our Poshcast outing and are so excited to share it with you! Tune in each week for style news, fashion advice, event coverage, featured guests and much more.  All of The PoshCasts are also available on iTunes. The PoshCast is hosted by designer and fashion blogger Heather Kane along with co-hosts Jillian Kane, Cacey Ball, Christina Pike and Dena Dill.

Special Thanks to the Best  Sound Guy Ever!  Adam from Sound Under Studios!

The Carney Concoction: A.K.A. The Best Cotton Candy Shot Ever! 1 Part Marshmallow Vodka, 1 Pinch of a Pink Kool-Aid Packet, Shake with ice. Strain Mixture into Shot Glass. Add a Splash of Mineral Water and Top with a Ball of Cotton Candy! Cheers and push the Cotton Candy into the mixture and watch as the colors swirl! Enjoy.