What is SugarKane?

SugarKane Designs serves as the freelance identity for Heather Kane, creative director, freelance graphic designer, illustrator and stylist. She has over 10 years work experience and currently works as the Creative Director for Whitaker Publishing in Springfield, MO.

Who is SugarKane?

With a background in fashion, fine art, media and design Heather works to bring award winning editorial packages to the 417 community and build  and lead creative teams with integrity and passion.  She uses all three of her loves and unique skill sets to create one-of-a kind designs and curated spaces for clients nationwide. 

What does SugarKane do?

As Creative Director for Whitaker Publishing, Heather oversees the creation of 7 different publications and acts as style expert in residence. She is always looking for new creative opportunities and collaborations.