What is SugarKane?

SugarKane Designs serves as the freelance identity for Heather Kane, a creative director, designer, content creator and stylist. She has over 13 years work experience and currently works as the Creative Director for Sleepsana in Springfield, MO where she is helping grow a local retail product to a National brand.

Who is SugarKane?

With a background in fashion, fine art, media and design Heather has brought award winning editorial packages to the 417 community and continues to build and lead creative teams with integrity and passion.  She has extensive knowledge in print and digital media design and content creation for social, web and print platforms.

What does SugarKane do?

As a Creative Director she brings proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision, communication, and management with an emphasis in content creation for lifestyle brands. Her love for the Ozarks and her community keep her deeply involved locally and continues to strive to make a difference in her community in personal time and through her work.