Photo by Kevin O'Riley

 I'm Heather Kane and I created SugarKane Designs for my business identity as a freelance graphic designer. I also use it to showcase my portfolio of design work that I have crafted over the years.

Originating from Springfield, MO and having attended Missouri State's graphic design program, I have heldin-house positions from a junior graphic designer to Creative Director, in a wide range of industries — all while simultaneously maintaining my own business as a freelancer. Today, I work as a freelancer for many businesses as an editor, designer, content creator, marketing specialist, interior stylist and start-up business developer! Yup! You read it right. I’m a jack of all trades and can do a job that would typically make someone hire 5 employees!

Through my wide range of experience I have learned to guide creatively-inclined folks deep into the heart of their vision and help them step confidently out into the world.  Using your passion and my intuition as inspiration, I create deeply personal brands that become the eye-catching, money-making foundation for your business and your dreams. I specialize in small businesses and start-ups and I’m not only deadline driven, but I’m extremely good at creating time saving workflows that can make your teams more productive and happier.

Making what is ordinary become extraordinary is what drives me. Providing the best customer service, using my creative juice to design just the right solution, and having clients that are excited about working with me is what makes me work harder and harder everyday.

In addition to this website I pin the world around me on Instagram, and stay connected through Facebook, and Twitter.